Interesting facts about Australia for Kids

Facts about Australia for kids

There are seven continents in the entire world. Australia is one of them. There are many fun facts and lots of activities that you might be interested to find out about in the Australian continent. Because we all know that not everyone has been to Australia, this is going to be quite an interesting read.


1. The Continent that has ever Changed Names

Did you know that this is the only continent that has changed names three times ?

Long time ago, this continent was called Holland and quite a beauty to behold. After some time, it became known as a home for criminals, a place that many people dreaded to visit. This is because criminals and trouble makers were sent to Australia for punishment.

Today it is called the Commonwealth of Australia and is one of the safest places on earth for children and adults to visit.

Australia’s Population

Australia is home to about 23 million people. In relation to its size, these are only a few people estimated at approximately three people per square mile.

The Aborigines were the First to Live in Australia

Around 60,000 years ago, the Aborigines settled in this continent. Quite a long time ago, isn’t it?

These people have surprisingly adapted to the harsh Outback dessert conditions.
Later on, about 50,000 years after, the Torres Strait Islanders settled in Australia.

By 1788, the Dutch and the British explorers had already began to settle in Australia and they were later on joined by others.

Year 1824

In 1824 is when this continent was given the name Australia. Remember that it was initially called Holland.

Australia, derived from the word ‘terra australis incognita’ means the unknown Southern Island.
26 years later and precious gold was discovered in this land by coal miners who became really rich.

The coal miners are the ones who paved way for gold miners to mine gold. Can you imagine this? Australia is now the fourth largest producer of gold in the world which makes it a country with a remarkably rich economy.

Australia’s government

Australia’s is headed by the British Monarch because it is ruled under the commonwealth of the United Kingdom. However, Australia may be on its way to a separation from the UK rule. We can only wait to see.

Australia’s Geography

Quite interesting is that Australia is a country, a continent and an island. No other country in the entire world has this unique feature. This makes a great destination if you want to make history.

The continent is pretty large. Its expanse is 4,779,602 square miles. This is the equivalent size of 22times UK’s geographical area making it a very large continent.

Australia’s Great Dividing Range

The Great Dividing Range represents 3,700kms of mountainous stretch which feeds important Australian rivers with water.

Apart from this, the Great Artesian Basin, the largest underground water source on earth is also found in Australia.

The next great major mountain ranges in Australia the MacDonnell Ranges

Fraser Island

The world’s largest sand island is found in Australia, the Fraser Island. It stretches for more than 120kms along Queensland’s southern coast.

The Australian forests

It is approximated that the desert covers more than one-third of Australia’s dry land. The country’s largest deserts are located at Australia’s Outback which is characterized by extremely hot temperatures, scarce water, and very little vegetation.

Australia’s Rain Forests

Despite too many desserts, there are rain forests too. Australia has three types of rainforests. The Tropical Rainforests are mostly found on the northeastern part of the country where the climate is a bit more accommodative for vegetation and animals.

The subtropical rainforests on the other hand are found near the mid-eastern coast while the broadleaf rainforests are located on the southeastern part and on Tasmania Island.

A rainforest is a thick yet warm forest that receives plenty of rain all through the year. Have you ever heard of Amazon forest ? Amazon is a rain forest found in America, and is also the world’s biggest rain forest.

In Australia, there are also rain forests in the middle of the deserts.

Australian animals and insects

Australia is home to many wild animal species, even those that you never get to see anywhere else in the world. If you’ve heard about Koalas, Kangaroos, kookaburras, platypuses, or echidnas, you will find them here.

Australia is also home to 20 deadliest species of poisonous snakes, and 36 species of deadly funnel-web spiders.

Did you know that the world’s most venomous snake, the taipan is found in Australia? The venom from this snake’s bite is enough to kill 100 people.

Australian language groups

Did you know that most of the people who live in Australia were not born there?
They visited the area from other countries in the world, loved the place, and decided to settle there.

This explains why there are more than 200 languages spoken in this country. Most of these people came from the UK and other European countries, China, North Africa, Middle East, and Vietnam.
How many languages can you speak?

Activities you can expect to engage in, in Australia

Given its climate and space, people tend to engage more on outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, tennis, sailing, cricket, rugby, and the all so unique Australian football.
So are you ready for some fun activities this Christmas, you should plan to visit Australia.

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