10 simple facts about Egypt for Kids

Fun Facts about Egypt for Kids

Egypt also known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a rather interesting and historic country found in Northern Africa.

We take a knowledge trip into Egypt to learn about its geography, people and their lifestyle, history, rule, culture and many other interesting facts.

Egypt’s Geographical Location

Egypt is located in Northern part of Africa and South West of the continent Asia. Some part of Egypt, called the Sinai Peninsula extends towards South-West Asia and almost connects to Asia continent.

This country neighbors other nations such as Gaza Strip, Israel, Sudan, and Libya.

Size of Egypt

Egypt is measured at 1,010,000 square kilometers. Huge, isn’t it?

There are approximately 82million people living in Egypt which makes it the third largest population in all African countries after Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Did you know that Egypt’s boundaries are marked by its waters between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea?

Egyptian gods

Egyptians believe in over 2000 deities. They have a god for almost anything imaginable in life and all of them needed to be worshipped for life to be normal or should we say balanced?

Aside from their many gods, Egyptians believed that cats were sacred animals that brought good luck. Hence, most households kept cats as pets.

Languages spoken by the people of Egypt

Several languages are spoken in Egypt. However, the national language remains to be the Modern Standard Arabic.

The other languages people speak are Egyptian Arabic, which is spoken by more than half of the population, Saudi Arabic language, Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic, Domari, Beja, Siwi, and Nobiin.

Egypt has foreigners who have settled mostly Italians, Armenians, and Greeks. In case you attend school there, you will be taught in either, English, French, German, or Italian languages.

Egyptian’s Ancient Government

A long time ago, Egyptians had a government headed by a mighty king and queen. The king would be referred as Pharaoh which means ‘Great House.’ He and the queen stayed in the palace. He had a lot of powers like that of a president and everyone had no choice but to obey whatever he said, even if it was a bad thing.

This king was also responsible for leading his army to war. Most kings lived long and died peacefully. However, in case there arose a prince who could fight better than them in the battle field, they could be replaced.

The king was surrounded by people who job was to make sure that people followed the laws and paid taxes as required by the king. These people included sheriffs, scribes, priests, mayors, and the vizier. Of all those, the most important was the vizier.

Egyptian Mummies and The Afterlife

You will find it interesting that the ancient Egyptians believed in the existence of many gods. They believed that when a person died, he had transited to an afterlife which was much better than his life before dying.

When an Egyptian died, his dead body was not disposed. Instead, it would be preserved and later buried with all the belongings he had while he was still alive. Can you imagine the size of his grave?

Before his burial, hi body would be washed to purify it. Then, it was preserved for about 70 days, dried in the sun, and salted. All the internal body parts except the heart were removed. Later, they would carefully wrap the whole body in sheets, and this is what they referred to as a mummy.

Because of the process, we have just seen, mummies were really expensive to make. The king, who was apparently the wealthiest, would have the most expensive one. Their mummies were treated exceptionally and they were buried together with so much wealth for them to continue using during their afterlife.

Before being buried, a religious rite conducted by the temple priest had to take place in the temple. He would pray and sprinkle oil on the mummy on each mummification step. This was to make sure that the dead person entered the afterlife well.

Interesting, isn’t it?

The Egyptian Pyramids

Did you know that there are over 130 pyramids that have been discovered in Egypt?

If there is anything that makes people want to visit Egypt from all over the world, it is the Pyramids. These are stone tombs where Kings (Pharaohs) were buried. They are very old tombs that Egyptians believed would protect the pharaohs and all their belongings. These pyramids are found next to the well-known River Nile because then, it was easier to transport building blocks by boat.

Egypt Pyramid
Egypt Pyramid

The oldest of the pyramids took a good 20 years to build. It is the tallest at more than 140 meters high. It was made for Pharaoh Khuf, and is the most Iconic pyramid. It weighs almost the same as 16 empire state buildings put together.

Children I hope you have learnt something about Egypt that you may not have known. You may search for more surprising facts about Egypt and other nations in the subsequent episodes.

Egyptians Loved Board Games

Board games are not new! Have you played dice before, it all began in Egypt.

2000 years ago, Egyptians were already playing board games. One popular one was known as called senet which was played by throwing sticks like dice, just too see how many square your stick will move your piece on the board.

Finally, many things you see around you today were invented by the Egyptians. These include pens, paper, locks and keys and some beautiful make ups and patterns on fabric. These people loved decorations like for instance inside the pyramid walls.

Have you learnt anything new?

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